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This Is Sadie is the first pick for Magpie & Mabel's Picture Book Club. Visit their page for more information on the event and online participation in their Once Upon a Time Project.


Owls Are Very Good At Keeping Secrets

Owls are very good at keeping secrets is a sentence that is very fun to say. It's also a secret that was kind of hard to keep. 

Check out Jacob Grant's fine work here. I am very happy to be working with Maria and Tara--both of whom I'm convinced are among the most brilliant children's editors out there. (Full disclosure: I am slightly partial to editors who sign my work.)


You Are One

You Are One is now out in the world--it is in stores, in libraries, and in (here's hoping) some sweet little baby's hands! I'd be very happy to see pictures of this book out in the wild should anyone feel inclined to share.

You can see art from the book--along with a sneak preview of the next book--over at Seven Imp.

Here's one of my favourite spreads by the brilliant Karen Klassen.

And here are some places you can find the book:
Owlkids Books IndieBound Indie Canadian Bookstores  Amazon  Amazon.ca Amazon.uk
Indigo Barnes & Noble  Powell's  McNally Robinson Your Library

Who have I missed?


Celebrating You Are One

A big thank you to Julie Danielson for a lovely introduction to my latest project, a series of baby books with Owlkids Books, illustrated by the prodigiously talented Karen Klassen. The article is here at Kirkus reviews and there will be more art from the books over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast next week. You Are One is available in stores and online this month.

To celebrate the start of this series, Karen Klassen generously created portraits of the two of us in the style of the books. I was already happy to be working with Karen but now I'm really happy!

UPDATE: All The Wonders was good enough to debut the book trailer made by Owlkids. You can see it here.



Oh baby! I've got a special reason to look forward to the coming year. 

My lovely publisher OwlKids has said I can go ahead and share all three of these gorgeous covers by Karen Klassen.

The first of the series, You Are One, rolls out in March and I can't wait to share the beautiful images created by Karen Klassen. You Are Two and You Are Three will follow in fall 2016 and Spring 2017.



This week I came across a review of This Is Sadie that meant a lot to me. It was partly to do with its placement since the mandate of the International Literacy Association is pretty dear to my heart. (Links to previous posts on literacy here.)

But I was also pleased by the things that the review itself recognized about the book and the way that allows me to think about the way that picture books are really produced by the writer, the illustrator, the editor, and the designer.

Here's the review:

Thank you, Lisa D. Patrick for giving me the opportunity to say that while Julie Morstad and I have our names on the front of this book, credit is also due to our editor, Tara Walker, and our designer, Kelly Hill of Tundra Books.

The idea to use "This is Sara" and "This is Julie" on the jacket copy belongs to Tara Walker and I think it was a brilliant one...not just because it is kind of sweet and funny (although it is) but because it ties the author/creator bios into the book and somehow makes the whole thing organic.

I am still learning about picture books--I went from reviewing them to writing them to teaching how to write them and am only now am finally starting to feel I am coming close to beginning to suss out how they work--but I find one of the wonderful things about them is how everything matters.

A novel with a not-great cover will still be as good or as bad a novel as it was in manuscript (although its sales may not be what they might be) but a picture book with a not-great cover is much, much less than it might have been.

This is Sara & Tara celebrating Sadie
I was very lucky in that The Henry Books were all designed by the brilliant Robin Mitchell-Cranfield and all three books have been recognized for the brilliance of their covers and their design, but with This Is Sadie I really got a chance to see into the process of the book's design.

I felt very fortunate to see the sample illos that Julie Morstad did and how Kelly Hill then worked with the title text and design to pull the final image together.

And when we ended up with not one but two wonderful covers, in a stroke of genius, Tara Walker found a way to use them both!

When I look at This Is Sadie, it really pleases me to see how things came together on it and it makes me so grateful both to be making picture books and to be working with such great people.


Summer Hours

Haven't been on here much lately and need to update a few things but in the meantime here's this lovely review that I seem to have neglected to post. Big thanks to Maria Russo and The New York Times.

Also a few nice pieces of news (via Publishers Weekly):

Now it's back to work!