A Family Is a Family Is a Family launches this September but is starting to find its way out into the world now.  The book is a celebration of all the different kinds of family told from a child's perspective.

Here's a lovely review (and a star!) from Publishers Weekly and another from Kirkus Reviews.

I am so in love with the beautiful work Qin Leng did on this book and grateful to our editor, Sheila Barry, for seeing it into print. I'm very happy to be joining the Groundwood family as I value the work they do and their mandate to "celebrate a diverse world through children's books."

Julie Danielson wrote about A Family Is a Family Is a Family for Kirkus Reviews and she then shared art from the book over at her blog, Seven Important Things Before Breakfast.

The book received a mention in the Quill & Quire Books For Young People Fall Preview

And here's the Groundwood fall catalogue.

A Family Is a Family Is a Family is now available for pre-order at the following:

Chapters Indigo
Barnes & Noble


When When You Were Small Was Small

Is it possible that When You Were Small was published a decade ago? Sometimes it feels like it was just last week. Sometimes it feels like it was a century ago.

In the time since the book was published some very lovely things have happened. It has won a few prizes and gone a few places. It still makes me happy to think of the time the Mexican Ministry of Education printed 60,000 copies to give away to primary students. There have been two more Henry books since that first one and I've got a site that rounds up reviews and such if anyone's interested.

Part of the success of this book (and its fellows) is due to the brilliant book designer, Robin Mitchell Cranfield. Along with Dimiter Savoff, publisher of Simply Read Books, she came up with such a beautiful, stripped-down, timeless aesthetic for the book. I couldn't love it any more than I do.

photo: Summer Hall/Appyreading

My great hope is to go on making books with Julie Morstad. There are many, many reasons for this but the best one, for me, is that we find the same things funny. And in that vein, is this wonderful photo I came across on Instagram a little while ago. It was posted by Summer Hall of Appyreading and she's given me permission to share it here.

When You Were Small is being released in paperback this month (I'll have more on that soon) and is available for pre-order now.

Here are a few places you can find the book. I'll be adding in more and if you have suggestions please feel free to comment. I'm always happy to learn about independent booksellers that are new to me.

Indigo  Indiebound  Amazon.com   Amazon.ca  Amazon.uk   WH Smith  Powell's  Barnes & Noble


Publication Anniversary

 Celebrating a year of This Is Sadie. I do have a little site for the book over here. And I'm always happy to hear from anyone with a Sadie or Sadie-ish child of their own. Going to make myself a collage of pictures for my office wall!

It's been a great year. Love and gratitude to Julie Morstad & our genius of an editor, Tara Walker, and everyone else at Tundra Books & to my brilliant agent, Jackie Kaiser of Westwood Creative, who I think of as Sadie's literary godmother.


Sadie is NYC-bound

This Is Sadie is to be staged by the New York City Children's Theatre, as announced by Quill and Quire this week. 
This is Sadie is coming to the stage. The New York City Children’s Theater will produce a stage version of Sara O’Leary’s story of a little girl with a big imagination, set to premiere in 2018. The book has garnered universal praise for the gorgeous illustrations by Julie Morstad, its lovely text, and spirited protagonist.
It's thrilling news, particularly as NYCCT has such an excellent mandate. 
Our mission is to promote children’s literacy and social development through professional theater productions and arts-in-education programs. We reach children and their communities with a wide range of programming, including full-scale productions, small touring shows, interactive workshops and in-school residencies, and engage with them in traditional theater spaces, school auditoriums, classrooms and cultural venues in their neighborhoods.
There have been lots of lovely surprises since This Is Sadie was published last spring, but this may be one of my favourites so far.  Really looking forward to seeing the production.


Picture Book Club

This Is Sadie is the first pick for Magpie & Mabel's Picture Book Club. Visit their page for more information on the event and online participation in their Once Upon a Time Project.


Owls Are Very Good At Keeping Secrets

Owls are very good at keeping secrets is a sentence that is very fun to say. It's also a secret that was kind of hard to keep. 

Check out Jacob Grant's fine work here. I am very happy to be working with Maria and Tara--both of whom I'm convinced are among the most brilliant children's editors out there. (Full disclosure: I am slightly partial to editors who sign my work.)


You Are One

You Are One is now out in the world--it is in stores, in libraries, and in (here's hoping) some sweet little baby's hands! I'd be very happy to see pictures of this book out in the wild should anyone feel inclined to share.

You can see art from the book--along with a sneak preview of the next book--over at Seven Imp.

Here's one of my favourite spreads by the brilliant Karen Klassen.

And here are some places you can find the book:
Owlkids Books IndieBound Indie Canadian Bookstores  Amazon  Amazon.ca Amazon.uk
Indigo Barnes & Noble  Powell's  McNally Robinson Your Library

Who have I missed?


Celebrating You Are One

A big thank you to Julie Danielson for a lovely introduction to my latest project, a series of baby books with Owlkids Books, illustrated by the prodigiously talented Karen Klassen. The article is here at Kirkus reviews and there will be more art from the books over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast next week. You Are One is available in stores and online this month.

To celebrate the start of this series, Karen Klassen generously created portraits of the two of us in the style of the books. I was already happy to be working with Karen but now I'm really happy!

UPDATE: All The Wonders was good enough to debut the book trailer made by Owlkids. You can see it here.